Cue Classes, CLT Training, Small Groups, and Young Adult Program

Cued Speech Classes will be taught Friday through Sunday at no extra charge, thanks to NCSA provided funds. Those taking a Cued Speech class should plan to attend all sessions.

Level 1- Beginners will be taught by Nicole Dobson. The course will present all Cued Speech handshapes and placements and will cover basic information needed to implement the system independently. You will leave with an understanding of how to cue words and phrases. The class is taught in spoken English and is intended for adults and teenagers ages 16 and up.

Level 2- Beyond Beginners/Low Intermediate will be taught by Suzy Brown

Thanks to the National Cued Speech Association for sponsoring this class.

Any accommodations needed for these classes please request in advance on your registration form.

Cued Language Transliterator Training Program

Cued Language Transliterator Training will be organized by Language Matters, Inc. with Lauren Pruett and Jane Dolan.

Our plan is to provide a seasoned CLT (mentor) to work with newer CLT (mentee) for the duration of camp. The seasoned CLT will be one of the CLTs providing services for camp. The goal is to have a cohesive group who works together to ensure access and accommodations for a variety of settings at camp. These could include meal announcements, children’s classes/activities, family gatherings and small group sessions. Your instructor will provide both you and your mentor with guidelines and worksheets to steer you though the variety of activities and observations. You will follow your mentor to observe and may even get the opportunity to transliterate for bits of time, if desired. There may be times when you go with a different mentor in order to observe a larger variety of activities. This is a great learning and hands-on opportunity for CLTs at any level!

Do you work for the school system and need financial assistance to attend? Please ensure you complete our scholarship application!

There may also be a possibility for SLI training, email us at

Small Group Sessions

Parents will attend small facilitated group sessions. These sessions will be spread out in different areas across camp. This year, the main focus will be reconnecting after two years apart and meeting new families.

Are you a returning camper, or do you have experience facilitating these type of sessions? We are in need of volunteers to help run each session! Email us at

Young Adult Program

This program is designed for young adults who are graduated from high school, and are now in college and/or the working world. This program will enjoy all the amenities of camp cheerio such as canoeing, hiking and all the other outdoor activities offered at camp. This program will also have team leaders present strategies on how to transition into the adult world, self-advocacy, and other pertinent topics. This program is open to all young adults, hearing, deaf and hard of hearing.

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